Learn to Shiatsu (Iso-Qi healing)

A Japanese manual technique, Shiatsu awakens the body's self-healing process by harmonizing the flow of energy. It addresses the body through the meridians and gives it a deep relaxation and well-being.

Shiatsu has multiple benefits, both in the physical body and psychic (emotional). It relaxes the muscles, strengthens and stimulates the body, soothes the mind, relieves the ills of everyday life, aligns body and mind.

He gets dressed and asks for very little material, we teach him in a traditional way on the ground.

It's a Humble art and complex simplicity when you put heart.

This training will require a personal investment resulting in short readings and hours of practice to perform on your side and to transmit us in the form of "massage reports"



  • Basic concepts (fundamental theory)
  • Chinese medicine base
  • Discovery and practice of "benevolent" touch
  • Ergonomics and hygiene of the practitioner
  • Learning a complete body massage sequence (Kata)
  • Study of acupressure points
  • Ethics and communication of the practitioner
  • Teaching rich in techniques
  • A careful corrective almost individual
  • Possibility of supervised practices in social settings
  • Review days for better integration
  • Practical exchange between learners

The trainer

Marie RapailleShiatsu practitioner and member of the Belgian and European Shiatsu Federations studied in several schools to learn from the various Shiatsu currents of our time. 

She has also learned about other massage techniques and support for health and well-being. She is passionate about the complementary methods she draws from her everyday life.

Useful information






Tuesdays 08/10/2019 & #8211; 15/10/2019 & #8211; 05/11/2019 & #8211; 12/11/2019 & #8211; 03/12/2019 & #8211; 12/17/2019 & #8211; 01/14/2019 & #8211; 01/21/2020 & #8211; 04/02/2020 & #8211; 02/18/2020 & #8211; 03/03/2020 & #8211; 31/03/2020 + Saturday 21/03/2020 (from 10:00 to 17:00)

See agenda for initiations in 12 hours


From 18:30 to 22:00

195 € (initiation in 12 hours)

650 € (training in 40 hours) *

Bosvoorde (room to be confirmed)

Accessible to all

* The payment validates your registration.
* We reserve the right to cancel the training if the minimum number of participants is insufficient.
* The payment is scalable, thank you for consulting me to discuss.

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