My workshops make you travel in your Body, Heart, Head and Spirit.

Discover and introduce you to the massage of the abdomen ("Chi Nei Tsang") during a workshop teaching you this unique oriental relaxation technique invented by the monks in Thailand!

The Chi Nei Tsang massage is a gentle massage of the abdomen, the benefits of which are numerous both physically and psychologically. It helps in particular the emotional digestion because in Eastern thought, the abdomen is the seat of our emotions.

During this practice-oriented workshop, you will learn a complete basic protocol including specific maneuvers and sequences. You will then be able to practice this technique with your loved ones.

Please note that we will work from traditional way, that is to say on the floor (on futon) but it is quite transposable on a massage table.

Although it is a workshop focusing on practice, you will receive a syllabus with practical and theoretical aspects.

The workshop is done either in small groups or in private according to your needs and availability.


This workshop can be followed by a second, more advanced module which allows more targeted work on fascia and visceral osteo-technical.



  • Basic concepts (fundamental theory)
  • Discovery and practice of "benevolent" touch
  • Indications / Contraindications against
  • Ergonomics and hygiene of the practitioner
  • Learning a complete massage sequence (Kata)
  • Careful patch almost individual
  • Practice in pairs
  • Practice based workshop
  • Course support included

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From 18:00 to 21:30 for workshops during the week

From 14:00 to 18:00 for Saturday workshops

75 € 

rue de la Bergerette, 8
1170 Boitsfort

Accessible to all

  • The payment validates your registration.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the training if the minimum number of participants is insufficient.
  • Schedule to be agreed for private trainings
  • Le tarif est le prix particulier. Pour les entreprises, asbl, indépendants le tarif est majoré de 30%
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