Between Heaven and Earth ...
invitation to the inner journey

Discover an oasis dedicated to well-being. My holistic approach to health will allow you to reconnect with all your potential to resonate with your life.

Between heaven and earth

is a humanist space that proposes to accompany health in a holistic way.

My energy care "ISO-QI healing" as the SHIATSU, the ToK Sen, the abdominal massage or cranial and my philosophy are about better being, mindfulness of body and mind and self-realization.

This care accompanies vital energy and allows the body to regain its capacity for self-healing.

Between Heaven and Earth is also a inspiration space where I also offer you workshops and training to acquire the basis of my well-being techniques.




Much more than a massage, this deep treatment is regenerating and harmonizing. It helps to relieve daily ailments and brings deep relaxation.

Chi Nei Tsang

This gentle massage from the abdomen to the oil helps relieve digestive and psycho-digestive ailments.

Tok Sen

This treatment relaxes muscular tension by vibratory and acoustic work performed using small wooden tools. Original and sweet, it can be combined with our other treatments.

Cranial massage + sound journey

This treatment is ideal for releasing nervous tension. He uses techniques inspired by Shiatsu, Thai massage and ends with a sound trip to Tibetan bowls.

4 hands treatment

This care ensures a Deep Connection and to oneself. It includes a complete 4-hand massage, a double abdominal and cranial massage and ends with a sound trip.

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